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You said peace would be possible if good people would sit down to eat, dance, hug and talk with each other. So, how's that working out for you these days?


Demosapiens Courses: Education for Civilization. Radically honest on-line courses for those interested in making sense of our confusing and complex world.

Socratic Coaching:
Individually tailored learning programs designed to get you up to speed on the complex political and cultural factors affecting your life and future.


Articles, videos, and graphics from the Village Idiot's hopelessly fertile and frenzied mind.


Become a member of our virtual community, The Demo Sapient, and have a place to share ideas and engage in discussion with like-minded people.

Thoughtful Thursdays

Engage in weekly conversations discussing contemporary issues with a critical thinking focus. Reason to maintain your sanity in troubled times.


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