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The Rights, Slights, and Free Lunches blog is a series of biweekly reflections. It draws a parallel between my own life as an emphatically free and autonomous individual (I changed countries and careers five times, and romantic partners more times than is healthy) and the perils of creating a world of rootless individuals. Now, in the 21st century, hundreds of millions of uprooted and alienated people struggle to find meaning and a sense of belongingness. This blog was first started in 2015 as a warning against progressive, capitalist, and technocratic overreach. Things have gotten immeasurably worse today. This time around, I am hoping that you, the reader, will help me keep the conversation going. The stakes are existential.
From today, THE VILLAGE IDIOT STUDIO will battle the follies of the 21st century! The Village Idiot will continue MetaCulture’s work.

The other day I spoke with two cousins, both IT professionals. When the topic of AI came up, they, unsurprisingly..


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