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We are excited to announce the creation of the DemoSapient Club!

DEMO SAPIENT — The Wise Citizen’s Club

Since 2019 we’ve met during the DemoSapiens courses (ninety minutes at a time for twelve weeks). For many of us these sessions are amongst the few places where we can have honest and complex conversations about the world. Despite our much-vaunted worldwide communication network (the internet, social media, and the smartphone), concerned citizens lack intelligent, non-partisan spaces where they can question and share ideas about their fast-changing world.

Over the years, first as MetaCulture and now as the Village Idiot Studio, we developed a reputation for facilitating complex, honest, and respectful dialogue (between Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists or multi-stakeholder consensus-building processes between civil society groups, businesses, and the government).

At the Village Idiot Studio I am committed to encouraging deep learning through meaningful and intelligently irreverent conversations. There is no reason such opportunities should be few and far between or should require your committing to a three month long course! Even worse, concerned citizens of vulnerable democracies and societies have to rely on either the Wild West of social media to engage with the world or be stuck within their partisan echo chambers. 

To increase the opportunities for intelligent and stimulating interaction, we are creating a unique platform. DEMOSAPIENT — The Wise Citizen’s Club. 

DEMOSAPIENT – The Wise Citizen’s Club is a space for inquiring souls – for philosophic,                intellectual, creative (and spiritual?) belongingness.  We would like to invite you to join us to build intelligent connections and deeper engagement. Join a group of concerned people to engage with the really vital issues of the day.

As an introductory offer we are offering FREE MEMBERSHIPS that allows access to our fast growing intellectual, creative, and educational activities. Membership also comes with multiple benefits such as discounts for courses and free access to original articles, videos, and activities.

We will be an active platform where lively and intelligent people from across the world can engage in deliberate thinking and learning—freely and respectfully. Here, we will neither be immersed in a free-for-all where angry people attack each other over real and imagined slights nor stifled in a politically correct space where we are scared to express unpopular ideas.


1. Ability to participate in our members only (facilitated) PRIVATE SQUARE. 

2. 15% discount on all DemoSapiens Courses (not to be combined with any other discounts we might offer).

3. 10% discount on all our Democracy Bites Posters

4. Free access to our Thoughtful Thursdays weekly conversations on vital and pressing topics of the day.

5. You will also be notified about new activities including public discussions, original artwork, videos, articles, and blog posts.

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