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$100/60-minute session

Over the past few years I have had people ask me if I would help them make sense of the overwhelming complexity of life in the 21st century. I offer in-depth One-on-One coaching/tutoring sessions on topics I have significant familiarity with: Critical Thinking and Creativity, Conflict Management and Dialogue Facilitation, Democracy and Pluralism, Geopolitics, History, Culture, and Civilization, and the Impact of Technology on Humanity. You will select the topics that you wish to learn based on your curiosity and any specific knowledge that you wish to develop.

As an introductory offer I am happy to offer a coaching fee of $100/per 50-minute session, with a minimum commitment of TWO weekly sessions. These fees are only for 2024. Presently I have one coaching client and hope to take no more than three clients a week. If you are interested in knowing more, I am happy to offer you a free 30 minute consultation. Please write to Ashok at



Broadly speaking, here are some reasons why you might wish to sign up for Consilience:

1. You wish to make connections between the current political, economic and cultural events and trends.

2. You want to understand how key events and movements of the past have led up to our current culture, society, and present-day conflicts.

3. You are interested in developing specific skills of Critical and Creative Thinking, Conflict Management, Complex Communication or Relationship Building.

4. You are a curious soul and wish to spend at least fifty minutes a week talking deeply about the challenges and questions that you have about living in the 21st Century (my favorite topic).

For long term clients a custom designed curriculum and a Power Point will be designed based on your learning needs. The sessions will be interactive with questions and discussions (and if you have the time and the inclination, exercises that you could do between sessions) .


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