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Great conversations are ways to share, reminisce, court, seduce, challenge, learn and grow. In today’s world, with short attention spans and even shorter memories and fuses; there are few spaces where we can be witness to and even be reminded of the value of good conversations. Democracy is built on a foundation of great stories. Democracy is also sometimes akin to theater, which is perhaps a kind of story telling in action. However, if we are to have constructive and mature democracies, we must be willing to go beyond the cheap, obvious and crude theater that is characterized by noise, unintelligent argument and melodrama. We must, instead, find a way to create intelligent and sophisticated stories that educate and stimulate our higher sensibilities and bring forth our better selves.

Dialogue Theater is a space for a facilitated, structured and yet improvisational dialogue that will bring creativity, critical thinking and humor into radically honest conversations. In trying to engage with each other and their ideas, the ‘actors’ will use sophisticated skills that will help surface the nuances, complexities and any conflicts in the conversation.


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