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From Metaculture to “The Village Idiot”!

From Metaculture to “The Village Idiot”!

After eighteen years, MetaCulture is gone. Kaput. Finito.

From today, THE VILLAGE IDIOT STUDIO will battle the follies of the 21st century!

The Village Idiot Studio is determined to be emphatically liberated from the world of clients, grant-makers, gatekeepers, and power brokers. The existing infrastructure of democratic societies— government, business, markets, philanthropic foundations, multilateral agencies, and civil society organizations—has become complacent and has been hijacked by entrenched (old boys and old girls) networks. They are no longer capable of understanding the new and dangerous world, leaving their democratic nations and societies helpless and unable to respond adequately to our existential crisis.

The Village Idiot will continue MetaCulture’s work of demystifying our complicated and dangerous world by separating imagined problems from real ones, emotionally satisfying solutions from useful ones, and existentially vital issues from minor irritants. The new organization will be a radical (and irreverent) liberation from the shackles of political mediocrity, professional capture, and mass hysteria.

We hope you are enjoying our new website. Apart from information on our courses, a poster gallery, and a blog (which I am reviving from 2016), I am also introducing two new pages: Best Laid Plans, an inconvenient and unpopular analysis of our political and cultural world, and Flotsam and Jetsam, spoken words, musical arrangements, videos, podcasts, and other debris from an unconstrained mind (mine).

The bad news is people’s ignorance. What is worse is their determination to remain that way.



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