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Like others inspired by the Civil Rights Movement of the nineteen sixties and seventies, with their soaring visions of World Peace, Free Love, Complete Equality, and Absolute Justice, I saw my role in the world in, similarly, extravagant terms. However, a lifetime of work on managing relationships (especially between competing and conflicting individuals and groups) has slowly and effectively chipped away at my overly mythical sense of self. Any remaining certainties, not already beaten down by humbling experiences, were soon shattered by how the world has changed since 2008, rendering much of my previous worldview irrelevant.

Some posters can be customized as mugs or T-Shirts. Ask us to transfer your favorite Village Idiot design onto a product.

We the people

Amusing nation

Perfect ABS

Stupid Idea

Free loaders

Laughable idea

Partiarchal folly

Ridiculous ideas

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Posters are a way for me to play with ideas, words, pictures, and typography, in an attempt to capture any moments of clarity that I might have in our fast-churning world. To the extent possible, I try to go past the usual polarizing issues (abortion, campaign finance, gerrymandering, racism, sexism, Trump, Putin, or Modi).

Even if my tone (sometimes) comes across as dismissive, I’d like to believe that my larger purpose is, always, to engage by playing, probing, provoking, and inspiring a rethink. As in my courses, I am not given to worrying about offending people. The stakes are far too high to worry about fragile sensibilities. Tsunamis, viruses, and wars don’t respect your hurt
feelings either!

A dying democracy is one of our nation’s greatest threats.
Thanks for doing your work to raise consciousness.

Maddie F

Amazing art. I will be back. A house of truth.

D Norton

Ashok- passion and your love for truth is “moving”.
May God open hearts and minds to care once again.

Gloria Raven

Fantastic experience! I loved the exhibition. What an amazing piece of work.

Anonymous visitor

Ashok, I absolutely love your expressionism through the written word. Each image says, “Mind Candy”. It needed to be tasted and savored before it could be understood and digested. Thank you for making me THINK!

Julian Raven

Educational, critical, and simultaneously funny.
What a way to bring attention to art and the current state of the world.

Busboy and Poets Employee

Each poster is a source for a long and interesting conversation to have.

Malalai Habibi

Profound intellectually. Profound Emotionally.
Eliciting tears and laughter., sometimes simultaneously.


Your art is amazing! What an interesting way to comment on political thoughts/ concepts. These posters amplify the hypocrisy that has been fed to us all of our lives.


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